The Video Production Process

What's involved in producing a marketing video? Here's a breakdown of our creative workflow so you know what to expect.

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Sketch of client meeting

First, the Images Ensemble creative team meets with you to discuss the concept, treatment and content of the video.

Sketch of writer at work

The script is researched and developed.

A sketch of a video script

You approve the script.

A sketch of the story board artist at work

The shot list and story boards are developed.

A sketch of a video storyboard

A sketch of the Producer at work

The Images Ensemble team schedules and coordinates the production.

A sketch of a video production crew at work

The production team records the visual components of the script.

A sketch of the Director of Photography at work

Members of your team, professional actors, or industry experts may appear in the video.

A sketch of a voice over actor at work in the studio.

The narration track is professionally recorded.

A graphic artist at work designing a layout

All graphics and 3D animation are developed and designed.

A sketch of the video editor and post production supervisor working on a video

Visual and audio elements are knitted together in our in-house editing facilities.

The Images Ensemble team reviews the video with the client

The final video is reviewed and approved by you.

The editor formats the video for online dissemination

The video is disseminated across all appropriate online properties in order to engage your target market at all possible touch points.

Our clients prospective customer views the video on the internet.

Ultimately, your target customer can view, Like, and Share your video.

The Images Ensemble team is ready to guide you through all phases of the video production process. Throughout the process we listen to your needs and ensure that the production will achieve your marketing objectives.

Find out why video is a key element in search engine optimization, then contact Images Ensemble today to schedule a meeting with our creative team.