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IMAGES ENSEMBLE Solutions: Analyze, Brand Makeover, Engage


What our services do for you:

Engagement marketing is a process that helps you identify people who are interested in your products and services and convert them into actual clients. Engagement marketing utilizes content marketing, social media marketing, and prospect management to personally engage target customers.
Content marketing involves disseminating articles, images and videos that your target audience finds useful and relevant. It contributes to search engine optimization and helps you attract interest in your services.
Social media marketing motivates people to comment on, tweet about, share, like, re-post, and pin your brand content. It gives you a channel to reach out and engage people as they respond to your brand.

How our services work:

Analysis and Strategy

Our services start with a comprehensive market analysis of your industry segment and how your brand is doing in that environment. This involves comparing your online presence with that of your competitors. We’ll develop a complete profile of your target customer and identify their online hangouts. We’ll assess how your organization is perceived (brand) by your target demographic (market) at the online touch points. From this we develop a holistic brand and marketing strategy including brand development, deployment timeline and budget. In addition to organic brand marketing, we’ll determine if you could benefit from paid advertising campaigns.

This process will ensure that your brand is aligned with your target customer.

Brand Makeover

Our creative team creates all of the elements that will be integrated into the “new you.” Our graphic artists will develop the look and feel of your brand mark. Our talented writers will develop consistent brand messaging that will resonate with customers at all touch points. We’ll accent your message with graphic symbolism and bring it to life in video.

Engagement Marketing

From the moment you approve the strategy, timeline and budget we start developing a search engine optimized website and a presence in your target market’s online hangouts(social networks). Rather than dump all of the elements on your website at the end of the project, content elements are deployed on a schedule. This continual stream of fresh content proves to the search engines that your website is a living breathing reflection of a vibrant relevant company. We’ll manage your social media marketing campaigns and help you leverage these to form relationships with people showing interest in your brand. A big part of turning these people into actual clients has to do with lead tracking and prospect management. We’ll help you streamline this processes through some online tools.

You’ll want to know that the time and money spent on the marketing strategy has quantifiable results. You’ll get regular reports on deployment progress and market engagement based on constant monitoring of online analytic tools.

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