Content Marketing is Search Engine Optimization

Two important keys to search engine optimization are 1) a search engine friendly website structure and 2) media "rich", relevant and useful content.

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Search engines use a complex algorithm to determine the value and significance of webpages in relation to a search word or phrase. Search engine optimization is the process of aligning your website’s structure and content with the positive score determiners of a search engine algorithm.

To protect consumers from unethical online entities, search engines don’t publish the algorithm that motivates the ranking of search results. SEO experts surmise the algorithm determiners through research, predictive testing, educated intuition, and information published by the search engines themselves such as that found at

The survival of search engines is dependent on them being able to produce results that are useful and relevant to the searcher. If consumers are constantly being directed to websites that don’t meet their needs they will go to another search engine. Since search engines are constantly working to improve the algorithm, keeping up with SEO is a moving target.

There are lots of factors that can contribute to your search engine ranking. In the past some organizations and SEO consultants have devised strategies to “outsmart” the algorithm. In the end however, these strategies backfire when the companies that operate search engines notice that webpages with irrelevant content are ranking high. At Images Ensemble we take a holistic approach to online marketing of which SEO is a component. Our approach to SEO involves more than just wrestling with the algorithm. Since the algorithm is really just trying to figure out which websites are relevant, we focus on making sure your website is just that – relevant.

Two important keys to search engine optimization are 1) a search engine friendly website structure and 2) media “rich”, relevant and useful content.

Results have shown that a webpage’s ranking in search engines is dramatically affected by how long a visitor stays on a landing page. The rationale is that people stay on a page if the content there is relevant and useful to them. Relevant and useful – we’re not repeating those adjectives because we can’t think of any others. We’re repeating them because the best way you can improve your ranking is by making sure your webpages are…

Relevant and Useful!

We at Images Ensemble help you to make sure each page is as relevant and useful as possible. This is especially important for the home page. Most visitors will arrive at the home page, search for a topic that interests them and click through. However, a prominent, engaging video on the home page arrests the visitor’s attention and keeps them there. During that time your video creates a lasting impression of your company’s personality, ethics, products and services. Therefore, it’s important for your organization to have videos that are professionally produced and captivating.

After the video plays you’ll need text based content that is informative and useful to your site visitor. Like road signs, pictures and other images direct your website visitors and social media followers to navigate to information you feel will benefit them. We’ll help you make sure your website is presenting useful information in the right sequence.

According to research, search engines give weight to each video and image within a website. We help our clients get the most out of their video investment by re-purposing video elements for dissemination through online properties. Integrating a number of shorter videos throughout your website and social media channels maximizes digital asset mileage and matches consumer online consumption behaviors. By properly tagging, describing, and insightfully titling these videos, our clients ensure improved ranking in search engines.