Online Marketing Strategy

Turn prospective customers into actual customers. This infographic will help you to develop an online marketing strategy.

Online Marketing Strategy Infographic

1. Analyze

Identify your target customer and develop a complete portrait of them. Locate your target customer’s online hangouts. Listen to your target customers as they interact online. Find out what motivates and influences their purchase decisions. Determine what information they are seeking to inform their decisions. Assess their needs in relation to the products and services you provide. What features and options are they looking for? What are their pricing, financing and delivery preferences?

2. Brand Makeover

Get a brand makeover and align your mark and messaging with your target customer’s needs. Create captivating images and videos that resonate with them and match current online consumption behaviours. Develop a media and content rich experience on a search engine optimized website. Develop a presence in your target customers online hangouts (social networks).

3. Engage

Engage prospective customers with content that is Postable, Tweetable, Pinable, Sharable and Likable. Turn prospective customers into actual customers by listening and responding as they interact online.