Online Marketing Explained

April 29th, 2013

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the industry jargon? Here’s a quick primer:

Social Media networks

Web Crawler a.k.a. Search Engine Spider

A WEB CRAWLER otherwise known as a search engine spider is a computer program that search engines use to systematically browse and collect information on websites in order to include them in search results. Through these the search engines attempt to ascertain the subject matter and functionality of your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines then use a complex algorithm to determine the value and significance of webpages in relation to a search word or phrase. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is the process of aligning your website’s structure and content with the positive score determiners of a search engine algorithm. The objective of search engines is dependent to respond to a search with a list of websites that seem to be useful and relevant to the consumer. In the long run the best way for a brand to rank well in a search engine is to disseminate content that is useful and relevant to consumers searching for the services you provide.

Content Marketing

CONTENT MARKETING is the process by with content including text based information is combined with graphics, pictures and videos and is disseminated on the internet. Content can be in the form of pages, articles, blog postings and social network postings. Content marketing contributes to search engine optimization. It should improve your search engine ranking so that consumers searching for your services can find you entering keywords and phrases related to your industry.

Social Media Marketing

Posting messages, images and videos on a social networking site is called SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. Social media marketing builds brand awareness and is the online equivalent to grassroots or organic marketing. The best way to keep track of people who show an interest in your brand is to convince them to become a Fan or to Follow your social network page. When someone becomes a follower of your page they will get updates each time you post new content. You can encourage people to Fan or Follow your content by integrating “Tweet This”, “Pin This”, Facebook “Share” and “Like” buttons on your website. People are more likely Follow your brand if you regularly post relevant, interesting, funny, or useful content.

Engagement Marketing

Concurrent with content marketing is ENGAGEMENT MARKETING. Engagement marketing is the human interaction that follows up when consumers Tweet about, Fan and Follow your brand or Comment on, Re-Post, Share, Like, or Pin your content. A public relations or marketing specialist monitors the response of social networkers and makes appropriate responses. Responses to prospective participants and community influencers an be in the form of Comments as well as invitations to connect, join or subscribe. Maintaining conversations with current and past participants goes a long way in cementing brand loyalty and winning referrals. Without this listening, responding, reach-out and followup posting is simply social media marketing. An exciting way to attract attention to your brand and engage prospective clients is to stage a contest.

Lead Tracking and Prospect Management

Now comes the fun part- converting Fans and Followers into clients! The ultimate objective of engagement marketing is to draw prospective customers into a conversation that results in them becoming actual clients. Without committed staff and an efficient lead tracking system you’ll miss out on sales opportunities. Online LEAD TRACKING AND PROSPECT MANAGEMENT platforms offer great flexibility by allowing you to access your database on the go. They often integrate with other online platforms such as social networks email services.

Online Advertising / Pay-per-click Advertising

ONLINE ADVERTISING is the placement of ads on various online customer touchpoints. A well-know advertising platform is Google AdWords. This services allows you to create an ad and bid on it’s placement.

Online Analytics

ONLINE ANALYTICS is the process of collecting and quantifying consumer interaction with your online presence. For example, data can be quickly obtained by integrating Google Analytics into your website. Information that may be useful to your company is statistics on landing page bounce rate, views, spend, errors, conversions, and cart bail-out rate.

Community Management

COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT refers to the human and technical processes by which you can build an online community of people around your brand and services. It can involve having a company hosted website portal where “members” log in to access private or premium content, get updates on their account, receive help, give feedback, maintain personal profile information and complete surveys. It can feature forums where community members communicate and share with each other.

Cloud Online Marketing Support Services

CLOUD SUPPORT SERVICES are designed to make social media marketing, analytics, advertising, engagement, lead tracking and community management easier. For examples, some services will scour the internet for mentions of your brand. You can track down these mentions and engage the poster in an online conversation in order to convert them into paying clients. Others services will analyze your website and give you feedback on how it is perceived by web crawlers.



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