Online Marketing Explained

April 29th, 2013
Feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the industry jargon? Here’s a quick primer: Web Crawler a.k.a. Search Engine Spider A WEB CRAWLER otherwise known as a search engine spider is a computer program that search engines use to systematically browse and collect information on websites in order to include them in search results. Through these the search engines attempt to ascertain the subject matter and functionality of your website. Search Engine Optimization Search ...
Content marketing is a big component in search engine optimization and it’s at the heart of grassroots online marketing. Understanding current online consumption behaviors will help you create a content marketing campaign that is well received by your audience. Dinner at a Friend’s House In the past people came to a website in much the same way that a guest experiences dinner at a friend’s house.
  Review a list of Twitter Do Not’s in the article “The 5 Biggest Twitter Marketing Fails of 2012″ This article by Kim Lachance Shandrow provides insights into ways you could disengage customers.
An online crisis can negatively impact your brand extremely quickly. Are you ready to engage your audience if one occurs? Read more.
According to this article you don’t have long to make a first impression on visitors to your web page. Business Insider published an article that demonstrates the power of well design images. Properly conceived images can direct your prospective clients eye to information you want them to retain.