Fawn Alleyne, Director of Brand Imaging

Fawn creates engaging brand experiences.

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Since 1997, Fawn has been an integral part of bringing creative concepts from the sketch pad all the way through to delivery on DVD, television and the Internet. Fawn brings a useful blend of creativity, interpersonal communication skills, technical know how and problem solving ability to each project.

She was co-director of a corporate video production company in Detroit from 2000-2009. With her business partner, she took a cinematic story-telling approach to corporate training videos, promotional videos, and documentaries. Due to excellent customer service and exceptional videos her company remained successful despite the post 9-11 economic downturn.  Fawn relocated to Montreal in 2009 and incorporated Images Ensemble in 2011.

Since the very beginning of her career Fawn has been riding the tide of change as marketing communications moved from traditional media such as print and television to the internet. She was part of the communications team when General Motors created “GM Experience Live” – streaming live video coverage of the 2000 International Auto Show. What was cutting edge then is common place now. In 2007 she was instrumental to the launch of a video news website from both a technical and branding perspective. In addition to developing the brand around a minority niche demographic, she designed and built the studio and developed the technical workflow.

Fawn has be a strong creative influence on the production of numerous multi-media client solutions that have been deployed on various platforms. Here are just a few highlights of her career:

Find out more about Fawn and see samples of her work at www.fawnalleyne.com

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