Customer Engagement is Social Media Marketing

Engage customers with content that is Postable, Tweetable, Pinable, Sharable and Likable.

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Graphic: A woman engages in social networking on her cell phone.

What is social media? Social media platforms are communities where members share information through a virtual grapevine. Members of the social media community connect with each other and share useful, interesting and helpful information. Members of social networks Blog, Microblog, Post, Share and Like messages that can include photos, videos, and links. Some networks you may be familiar with are Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

There are thousands of online communities. Where does your target demographic gather online? We’ll help you determine where you need to have a presence. IMAGES ENSEMBLE works with your marketing team to select brand differentiating, useful, interesting and helpful information from marketing materials and current events within your organization. Together we’ll write engaging posts and produce original still and video images of your company in action. We’ll deploy an engagement marketing campaign by disseminating the messages, videos and images throughout social networking communities.

Customers who are seeking the products and services you offer will likely find your posts helpful. Since the information is relevant and useful they’ll Share it with their friends and associates. They may even be motivated to Follow your company so that they can receive notifications whenever you post information. Your followers will share the information with their followers and so on, resulting in an exponentially increasing audience.

Brand Loyalty through Engagement Marketing

Engagement marketing encourages customers to identify with your organization’s values and ethics. It helps your company develop loyal and informed customers. Done properly, social media marketing campaigns feel less like slick sales pitches and more like sincere human interactions. Being present and active in social media networks enables your organization to form a bond with your target demographic. Tell your followers about that new product you’re launching, a helpful new software update, or an internal “green” initiative.

“Will I ever see a return on investment?”

Engagement marketing is part of a holistic approach to online marketing. Engagement marketing involves more than just Posting, Pinning and Tweeting. It’s also about listening and responding to target customers and social influencers as they Post, Pin and Tweet. IMAGES ENSEMBLE will help you leverage your engagement marketing efforts so that you’ll see the impact on your bottom line.

Here’s a link to an excellent article that will help you understand why social media marketing should be part of your overall strategy.

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